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Manga Wishlist
Captor Card Sakura Complete Series English
Sugar Rune Complete Series English
Alice in the Country of Hearts Volume 3 English
Alice in the Country of Hearts Japanese Up to Date
Full Moon volumes 4-7 English
Kobato Volumes 1 and 2
Shugo Chara Complete Series
Shugo Chara Encore Complete Series
Cat Street Complete

Anything Cute and Fun to read.
Can be action, but art needs to be top notch.

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Then, dude why aren't we friends yet?
Wait so it's all good? No things that need to be added?

(Deleted comment)
Yay that's great!
No i'm scared for the shipping part. x3

(Deleted comment)
xD I'm not so sure. We'll see. x3
I'm not good with banners. D:

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
okay well no offers yet, which I know is the usual.x3

(Deleted comment)
Alrighty sounds good.
-posts in all threads-

(Deleted comment)
Alrighty no worries. x3
I can wait a bit. x3

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